moving into round 10

Since the World Bank started funding this project some five months ago, and we began using it to monitor the quality of public service provision in Dar es Salaam, we have successfully ran ten survey rounds, distributed our data reports to various stakeholders, and saw the mass media picking up our findings.

We covered a wide array of topics, including citizens’ food consumption habits, their experiences with the health care system in Dar es Salaam, their satisfaction with the city’s water and electricity infrastructures and the hardship caused by the devastating 2011 December flood. We are currently finalizing our newest report on the widespread problem of teacher absenteeism in both primary and secondary schools, for which we drew from our 550 panel households to interview more than 300 school children from all three districts of the city. That report will soon be available on the project’s website – where we not only publish all of our reports, but also the full data sets to encourage the statistically inclined to run their own analyses. To whet your appetite, see below for some visualizations of the type of findings we are getting from all of this.

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