and…we’re back

After many months of silence on this blog, things are about to change.

Since its launch in August 2010, this platform has worked very successful in drawing attention to what we were doing and in establishing new connections with interested and interesting people. At the same time, this blog had unfortunately somewhat dried up after I had returned to my job at the University of Rotterdam, in October last year – also because I had not been able to keep involved close enough to report back on our progress.

But indeed, things are very much about to change.

In just a couple of weeks, I will pick up my work at Twaweza on the mobile survey project again. And I can’t wait to get back to that strange city of Dar es Salaam, talk to those people who have worked hard to keep this thing up and running, get their first-hand experiences with the day-to-day handling of the mobile panel waves (the first wave was launched after I had already left), to dive into the wealth of data produced, analyze dropout patterns, look into technology issues to be solved, and all of the other things that make up this exciting project.

So don’t despair, stick with me, great things are bound to happen .

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2 Responses to and…we’re back

  1. Andrew W says:

    Mbona tovuti hajaandikwa kwa kutumia lugha ya kiswahili?
    Mnalenga wadau gani? (Utani – je, mnaringa mbele ya wafadhili zenu!?)
    Mpendekezo yangu – wekeni kipaumbele ufahamu wa wazalendo ya Tz!

    Zaidi ya hapo, ningependa kuwapongeza jitahada zenu ubunifu na muhimu.


    • j says:

      Hi Andrew – I completely agree that these kind of findings have to be communicated back to the public sphere in Swahili. But we do that: all of our reports are published in both English and Swahili on the project’s website:
      This blog is really just my space where I write about my experiences and thought on the project – and unfortunately my Swahili is not (yet) good enough for that…
      Many thanks for your compliments and words of encouragement!

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